The great twitta notifications disaster – HUGI #RFC #2

and more..

#WTF what the fluff ???

the new twitta reply function is Bullshit!

This I wrote some days ago, we collected some comments and did some research:

What we know so far:

    • lots of complaints about missing notifications
    • too many notifications
    • pals can´t follow discussions
    • the mute conversation is a joke
    • The UI is a milestone in bullshit software design ..


additional thoughts:

  • loading conversations can take a lot of time
  • it may use your mobile data volume, because all the tweets will have to be loaded
  • on smartphones and tablets it may kill your battery life

Any bullshit, we didn´t find?


Start here: WE ARE ALL part of the problem
(until we activate some brain cells and read on).

If we reply to conversations or do a retweet (even a fav might do),
we create lots of notifications. We often don´t see
or don´t care, how many pals are in a conversation.

YES, we can drop pals(users) from a conversation .. but srsly, who ever did that???
The option is hidden (that is what i call user interface design bullshit from the twitta design team,
seems no braindead software developer ever tested or used it).

What can we do/what do we need?

  1. we can alway start a new conversation by sending a new tweet (we did this for a long time during our twitta life).
  2. we should really think twice(or more), if we really want to add pals to a conversation – it is very easy to add some1, but there is NO ESCAPE BUTTON☹️
  3. we may need a “STOP ‼️ conversation agreement, without hurting anyone”

to be continued

Yours Evil Hugi

PS dis blogpost is not ready(they are never ready) , I want to add some quotes and pics, but i decided to publish it fast.


PPS: dis was me while blogging – rant mode activated

HugiCat April 26, 20176:59 PM

Added this old tweet as reminder.

You can always start a new conversation and add some(!, not 50) friends

7 comments on “The great twitta notifications disaster – HUGI #RFC #2
  1. Hugodad says:

    test from Hugodad, does Firefox work for comments?

  2. Testin’, testin’. This time in Firefox.

  3. Abby says:

    Thanks Hugo …this is a great idea..the stop sign ! I don’t think anyfur will be offended as we are all struggling with notifications xxx

  4. El Diablo Zoe says:

    MOL!!! I am the biggest offender! I love added pals to be included!! Twitter fix THIS

  5. Valentine says:

    I agree, I think starting a new Twitter conversation is the thing to do in that case with a hashtag, so that the followup & reply tweets can be found quicker for that conversation by those participating.

  6. RoxyRoxLA says:

    Thanks for the great info Hugi! I am always having problems with missing notifications, this is very helpful!

  7. This new Twitter stuff is all so confusin’. As a cat, I have superior intelligence and yet, I’m still confused. How on Earth do peeps manage? MOUSES!

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