what the fluff is dis @CatwireRadio <- service account ?

Moin all,

i tweeted this evening .. so here we are :

thx for the reactions (on twitter) and the comments to my last
Blogpawst (the stupid reply dingZ).
Evil Hugo dad is already searching the fools responsible for this madness, gonna keep u updated.

Topic today: What´s this @CatwireRadio thing

We created dis account for several reasons:

  • every evil kitty should have a backup for the twitta wurst case
  • you can start to talk with yourself (doggy Olivia is my 3rd account😂)


What will we use @CatwireRadio for?

  • It will be used to make animal community events and pawty announcements
    like #TheAviators #ZSHQ #Weeti #Furrytails #nipclub (not all hashtags included)
  • THEN (!) it will be used for real live emergency situations (storms, Hurricanes, earthquakes and any other situation, where lives of pals could be in danger). We will try to use only reliable sources and find verified information).
    These tweets will be marked with a ‼️WARNING‼️ and we will NOT use it for fun(I promise).
  • when we are bored, we play music ( tweets a re marked #yt4, so you can find them)
  • and the account can/will be used as an event sekurity officer
    (he can be quite nasty MOL)

The plan: we want to create community Calendar, some friends told me about the old Animal Times. In our Area51 you can find some ideas about dis.

So .. if u don´t follow dis account .. he will find you😈.

that´s the usual quick`n dirty version.. publish meow .. updates and edits may come later
Yours Evil Hugi

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