#ersterMai  1st #Mayday meows #ZSHQ and #MinkyBday liveblog

#ersterMai 1st #Mayday meows #ZSHQ and #MinkyBday liveblog

see blogpost title..

my Nemesis Lady Minky has her 14th Bday today:

#MinkyBday 14


Zombiesquad @ZombiesquadHQ and all membaz are celebrating the 4TH Birthday of ZS ZSHQ today!!!

1st May is a bank holiday .. so me is pawtying with Lady Minky and Hugodad.
I will write some more blogpawst drafts (what the fluff is Slack, the twitta notifications disaster continues and more ..

dis Blogpost will be updated during the day .. datz why we call it live blog !
we already got our first notification overkill because of #MinkyBday ..

HugiCat May 1, 20175:55 PM

from Diggy, we love it!

HugiCat May 1, 20174:22 PM

HugiCat May 1, 20174:21 PM

HugiCat May 1, 20174:20 PM

and more birthdays! happy Birthday , Milou weeti


HugiCat May 1, 20173:55 PM

Some members got a special promotion!

well done !

HugiCat May 1, 20173:54 PM

the Brave zshq leader Sir Winston made some announcements today:

congratulations to all ZS members

HugiCat May 1, 201710:55 AM

and this from Otto

HugiCat May 1, 201710:53 AM

HugiCat May 1, 201710:52 AM

HugiCat May 1, 201710:52 AM

some tweets about minkybday

then the latest zshq bday meows

HugiCat May 1, 20178:38 AM

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