#HugiBday 10th birthday

#HugiBday 10th birthday

Moin cat world!

Dis morning i send a Moin tweet – stupid me – and now i get overwhelmed with bday wishes .. notification overload again.


Hugi 10th Birthday
7th May 2017

I wanna thank all my friends for their lovely birthday wishes (love u all), i might not be able to answer you all, but a BIG THANKS to everypawdy!


HugiCat May 7, 20176:59 PM


HugiCat May 7, 20176:57 PM


thank you Thor! love the pic

HugiCat May 7, 20176:50 PM

Diego created bootiful weeti pic! big THX!


HugiCat May 7, 20173:45 PM

today Zoe and me decided :

we will marry, there will be a weeti pawty in summer


HugiCat May 7, 20173:43 PM


thx my friend Peaches!

HugiCat May 7, 20173:41 PM

thx Eva and Chalky!

HugiCat May 7, 20173:39 PM

thx Basil, Hugs to your mum, may she have a nice USA trip!

HugiCat May 7, 20173:38 PM

thx, Mo!

HugiCat May 7, 20172:20 PM

OMC .. i get so many birthday wishes, thank you all!

I wonΒ΄t be able to answer all, but we should have a storify soon.

will post some nice pics here on the weeti blog

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