no idea ..

when a website is ready to be/go online.

We got a new own website here and me is playing around with some options and layout.


tweet insert working .. now let´s add a pic here:

shelter cat

Some friends at Grasswire told me about the live blog feature at the end of this post, so let´s see what happens and can be done

HugiCat April 22, 201710:20 AM

HugiCat April 20, 20176:31 AM

asking for some test comments .. seems to be working.

see below .. I already approved some comments, Thank you!

HugiCat April 14, 20173:53 PM

testing the live blog function ..

10 comments on “no idea ..
  1. Chica says:

    God morgon, Hugi!

  2. Othello & Leia says:

    Hi Hugo

  3. CoCo says:

    Hi Hugo Furntastic work ☀️

  4. CoCo says:

    Hiii Hugo Great work dear Thanks

  5. dwarfgarden says:

    Moin Hugo!

  6. Mathilde Muhs says:

    Hello, Hugi-Darling!

  7. Henry Peremptory says:

    Halo Hugo! Yoo so clever! This Blogg is gonna bee great!

  8. @mccawent says:

    Beautiful. You’ll be a hit.

  9. @mccawent says:

    Such a pretty kitty.

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