what the fluff ? Hugi #RFC #1 – request for comment

Moin all,

I never promised regular blogpawsts here -a twitta cat is always busy-,
but we heard a lot of complaints about Twitter(experience) in the last weeks!
We are already collecting stuff for a blogpost series .. here is quick
request for comments ( and .. yes .. the comment system is working – we did a check)
— update #1 —
adding pic .. blogpost test .. we found a stupid error ..

added .. blogpost test

#here the morning tweet

Yours evil weeti Hugi

PS: i will activate the live blog plugin,
so we can add tweets related to this topic from our twitta stream

HugiCat April 26, 20173:53 PM

me is writing part 2

when it will be published, i will close the liveblog here.

2 comments on “what the fluff ? Hugi #RFC #1 – request for comment
  1. Joyce says:

    Great idea. New updates create a lot of confusion, annoyance and Arrrrgh. Data not loading is so ancient history! This is 2017

  2. Gretchen says:

    I am not experiencing too much trouble …. yet

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